Friends of Honolulu Botanical Gardens

Spring 2018 Events

University of Hawaii at Manoa with Dr. Richard Criley,
Emeritus Professor of Horticulture, Tropical Plant & Soil Sciences

The Manoa campus of the University of Hawaii was accredited as an arboretum by the international ArbNet
program and is also recognized as a member of Tree Campus USA. This beautiful collection of trees and shrubs
began a hundred years ago when Dr. Joseph Rock was asked by the College of Hawaii to establish a collection of
tropical and subtropical habit for educational value that would be ďan asset of great interest to resident and tourist
alike.Ē Since then, many plants have beenadded by academics, students, staff, and visiting dignitaries.

Our tour will visit a few of the more than 5000 plants that grace the campus and touch upon their history,
uses, ethnobotany, and role in special collections. Wear comfortable shoes and sunscreen!
The tour will begin at the entrance to Sinclair Library and will last about 2 hours.

Sunday - April 08, 2018 at 8:30 am

Photo by:
Alexander Kufel

FHBG members $15, non-members $20.
Please call 537-1708 or email the Friends (friendsgardens@aol.com)
with your reservation and payment. Minimum 5 people, maximum 15.
Pre-registration is encouraged.

Classes - 2018 Spring Plant Sale

10 am - Hibiscus, Hybridizing and History with Jill Coryel

Jill will talk about the history of hibiscus in Hawaii. Itís our state flower and its image symbolizes our tropical environment.
She will also teach about hybridizing where two different varieties of hibiscus are combined to create brand new flowers.
She will save some time at the end to answer your questions on hibiscus care.

11 am - Native Hawaiian Plants with Heidi Bornhorst

Heidi will explain how to successfully select, grow and maintain native Hawaiian plants.
Her informative book Growing Native Hawaiian Plants is available at our gift shop, and she will autograph it for you if you like.
Many of our plant sale vendors offer native plants.

12 pm - Condos Cubicles and Cabbages - Growing Plants Indoors! with Brian Panee

A primer for those who desperately want to stop killing their house plants.
We will go over the basics of what it takes to be a successful Indoor Gardener.

1 pm - Success at Growing Orchids with Scot Mitamura

Scot will discuss breaking down the keys in understanding the needs of all orchids and how to apply them.