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press release from the City and County:  Earpod Tree At Foster Botanical Garden

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Honolulu - Work began this week to remove an Exceptional earpod tree located on the Upper Terrace at Foster Botanical Garden. City arborists have been monitoring the tree for a number of years, as its health has been showing signs of decline. The tree has been dropping its large branches, which is a common occurrence with older earpod trees. City arborists estimate this tree to be 155 years old. The decision to remove the tree was made for reasons of public safety.

The earpod was listed as an Exceptional tree due to its size and age. The tree is estimated to be 135 feet tall, and is one of the original trees planted on the property by Dr. William Hillebrand, the first owner of the property. Dr. Hillebrand later sold the land to Captain Thomas and Mary Foster, who created Foster Botanical Garden.

The work is expected to take approximately two weeks to complete. The garden will remain open, but visitors will be kept out of the area immediately surrounding the earpod tree