Snake Gourd Seeds available for purchase in Foster Garden Gift Shop

(Trichosanthes cucumberina var. anguina)

Widely grown in its native tropical India and adjacent areas, the snake gourd is now widely popular in the American and African tropics. The fruit, up to 4 feet or more in length, is usually harvested when green and immature and used as a vegetable. If left to ripen the gourd turns red and the pulp is used as a substitute for tomato paste. Young leaves, tendrils and stems are also edible. Recipes are found on the reverse side of this card. Roots and seeds have medicinal uses. Snake Gourd is a minor source of fiber, protein, thiamin, niacin and riboflavin.

To grow seed, scarify the seed and/or remove husk, which will greatly hasten germination to about 5 days. Plant Snake Gourd in a rich, moist, open soil in full sun. Do not over water. It will not tolerate soggy soil. The vine, growing to about 15 feet, needs trellis or other support.


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