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Growing up, moving all over the USA, I loved going to new places, Went to UC Berkley fell in love with an equally adventurous soul and after 30 years of living in Europe, Asia I knew I wanted live out my life in Hawaii. Living here among tropical plants and not far from the ocean is like waking up in Eden.

When we moved to Wahiawa I used to walk to the Wahiawa Garden every day. I wanted to be a docent. There were no programs for volunteers there, so I called “The Friends office at Foster Garden and asked about volunteering. The next thing I knew a charming gentleman called me and asked if I would like to start a program. He gave my husband and me a guided tour of all the gardens and then asked if I would like to be on the Board of Trustees. That charming gentleman was Paul Weissich and I have been working for him ever since. He may dispute who works for whom but this is all true.

My whole family has been involved at one time or another with the gardens and special events and everyone knows that when Gramma Grace travels, she has to see whatever public gardens are in the area.

One of the best things about being a member of the Friends of Honolulu Botanical Gardens are the lifelong friends you made through working for the gardens.

I feel privileged to serve as an advisor to the Board of Trustees. Non’profits are facing very difficult times and we need to encourage people who have similar interests and priorities to support our mission ; keeping the Honolulu Botanical Gardens thriving and serving the people of Hawaii and the plant world.

Aloha , Grace Dixon




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